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How to differentiate between pesticides

Every pesticide has a commercial name.

The commercial name of the pesticide is changing between each country, and even in the country itself, the same pesticide can be called in different names by different producers.

The name on the label in front of the pack is changing everywhere.

For example, in the United States, the insecticide called Floramite, which is being used against spider mites, is being sold under the name, Acramite, in Mexico and Perspecta, in turkey.

Furthermore, in England, the fungicide, called Amistar, that is produced by Syngenta, is basically the same product as Tazer, sold by Nufarm, also in England.                                    

Basically, the same product is sold under two different names in the same country.

We need a different method in order to distinguish between pesticides.

A method that will be reliable all over the world.

This is being done by searching for the generic name of the pesticide, on the label, and not for the commercial name.

The generic name is basically the name of the active ingredient of the pesticide.

Each pesticide is composed of active ingredients and other ingredients.        

The active ingredient is the toxic component that actually kills the pest, either by being eaten or touched by the pest.

The other ingredients are not toxic and added in order to help the toxic, reach the pest, situated on the plants leaves, like water, oil or soap.

As you can see here, the active ingredient of Floramite, Acramite and Perspecta, is – bifenazate.                                  

This means that only the pack is different.    

 Inside it’s the same.

And the active ingredient of Amistar and Tazer is azoxystrobin.                                  

Same thing different pack.

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