The Pro Farmer

My name is alexander white.
I am an agronomist and I have been working for almost 20 years as:
a vegetables grower,                                               
a phytosanitary officer,                                       
a beneficial insects grower,                                
an agricultural guide in asia and africa,       
and as a vegetables farm manager.
During my work, I gained a vast knowledge and experience, growing vegetables in nursery, greenhouse, in the field, using pesticides or organic, and also in non-soil substrates (hydroponic).
All that, In few of the biggest seeds and pesticides companies in the world as:            
Monsanto, De ruiter and Biobest.
My aim is to share my knowledge with whomever needs it, like farmers, leaving in developing countries, on one hand, and home, self-sustained growers, on the other hand.

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