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How to find your pesticide in a store

A good way to find a pesticide according to the active ingredient, is to go to your favorite agriculture supply store, and ask the seller for the pesticide containing this active ingredient.

If the seller doesn’t know, you can show him the pest and ask him to show you all the pesticides used against it, and look for the active ingredient between them. 

You can also go through the pesticides labels and look for it by yourself. 

There are also online pesticide websites, where you can type the ingredient in the search bar and see which pesticides contain it, such as this:


Pesticides are divided into three groups:

Herbicides against weeds,

 Insecticides, against insects

and Fungicides, against fungus.

This segmentation should be in every supply store, so it will be easier for you to find the active ingredient.

There are many pesticides that work against each pest.

Some are better than others.

There are newer and older pesticides. 

Many of them are not so lethal anymore because they were used many times and the pest’s developed tolerance against them.

The list of pesticides I provide on this site is the best known today, and the list is being updated.

Some of the pesticides are lethal for more than one kind of pest.

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