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Herbecides-Best weed and grass destroyers

Herbicides are chemicals used to manipulate or control undesirable vegetation.

Herbicide application occurs most frequently in row-crop farming, where they are applied before or during planting to maximize crop productivity by minimizing other vegetation.

It is usually a chemical, for killing or inhibiting the growth of unwanted plants, such as residential or agricultural weeds and invasive species.

A great advantage of chemical herbicides over mechanical weed control is the ease of application, which often saves on the cost of labor.

Herbicides are divided into numerous categories:

1. Selective (affecting specific plant species).

2. Nonselective (affecting plants generally). can be used to clear waste ground.


A. Contact herbicides that kill only the plant organs with which they are in contact.

B. Translocated herbicides (systemic) are effective against roots or other organs to which they are transported from aboveground treated surfaces.

4. Soil herbicides:

A. Preemergence: prevents weed seedlings from emerging. Sprayed on bare soil.

Usually, activated by rain or irrigation.

B. Absorbed by the roots and translocated to the leaves.

Weed resistance to herbicides has become a major concern in crop production worldwide.

Resistance to herbicides is often attributed to lack of rotational programs of herbicides.

Active ingredientSelective (kills)TimingAbsorbed by
MCPABroadleaf weedspost-emergenceleaves
D-acid-2,4Broadleaf weedspost-emergenceleaves
TriasulfuronBroadleaf weedspost-emergenceleaves, roots
Pyraflufen ethylBroadleaf weedspost-emergenceleaves
Pinoxaden grassy weedspost-emergenceleaves
Bentazon broadleaf weedspostemergenceleaves
Trifloxysulfuronbroadleaf weedspostemergenceleaves
pinoxadengrassy weedspost-emergenceleaves
Glufosinate Ammoniumbroadleaf weeds and grasses (nonselective)post-emergenceleaves
Fluazifop-P-butyl grass weedspost-emergenceleaves, systemic
metolachlor-sannual grasses and broadleaf weedspreemergencesoil
Pendimethalinannual grasses and certain broadleaf weedspreemergencesoil
Fomesafenbroadleaf weedspreemergenceleaves and roots
Diquatbroadleaf weedspost-emergenceleaves
Glyphosate (roundup)
broadleaf weeds and grasses (nonselective)post-emergencesystemic
Chlorsulfuron broadleaf weeds and grassespost-emergenceSystemic
Oxadiazonbroadleaf weeds and grassespreemergencesoil
Rimsulfuron Methylbroadleaf weeds and grassespost-emergenceleaves
Diuronbroadleaf weeds and grassespreemergencesoil
Metribuzin broadleaf weeds and grassespost-emergence, preemergenceleaves
Linuron broadleaf weeds and grassespreemergence, post-emergencesoil, leaves
Alachlorbroadleaf weeds and grassespreemergencesoil
Pyroxasulfonebroadleaf weeds and grassespreemergencesoil, roots
Bromacilbroadleaf weeds and grassespost-emergenceSystemic, roots
Atrazinebroadleaf weeds preemergence, post-emergenceleaves
Cyprosulfamide+Izoxaflutolebroadleaf weeds and grassespreemergenceSystemic, roots
Aclonifenbroadleaf weeds preemergenceleaves
Terbacil broadleaf weeds and grassespreemergenceSystemic, roots
Pyrithiobac Sodiumbroadleaf weeds post-emergenceleaves
Propoxycarbazone sodiumgrass weedspost-emergenceleaves
Indaziflambroadleaf weeds and grassespreemergencesoil, leaves, systemic
Foramsulfuron + Isoxadifen ethylbroadleaf weeds and grassespost-emergenceleaves
Metamitronbroadleaf weeds preemergence, post-emergencesoil, leaves
Isoxadifen ethyl+Tembotrionebroadleaf weeds post-emergenceleaves
Clethodimgrass weedspost-emergenceleaves
Carfentrazone-ethylbroadleaf weeds post-emergenceleaves
Saflufenacilbroadleaf weeds post-emergenceleaves, roots, systemic
Triclopyr Butotylbroadleaf weeds post-emergenceleaves
Imazamoxbroadleaf weeds post-emergenceleaves, roots
Dimethenamid-pbroadleaf weeds and grassespreemergencesoil
Oxyfluorfenbroadleaf weeds and grassespreemergence, post-emergencesoil, leaves
Clodinafop-Propargylgrass weedspost-emergenceleaves
Florasulambroadleaf weeds post-emergenceleaves, systemic
Diflufenicanbroadleaf weeds post-emergenceleaves
Fluroxypyrbroadleaf weeds post-emergenceleaves, systemic
Propyzamidegrass weedspost-emergenceroots

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