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Bacterial leaf spot treatment

This disease is caused by four species of bacteria.

It occurs in tomato and pepper.

It causes leaf and fruit spots, which leads to defoliation, sun-scalded fruit, and yield loss.

leaf lesions are initially circular and water-soaked and surrounded by a faint yellow halo.

When the disease affects the young pepper plants, it causes severe leaf droppings, a delay in the development of the plant, flower droppings and a delay in embalming of the fruits.

Disease development is favored by temperatures of 75 to 86 ℉ and high precipitation.


Copper hydroxide:

It is maybe the only agent (chemical and organic) that is approved for killing bacteria on plants.

It also helps prevent the germination of fungal spores.

It will try to prevent the bacteria’s from spreading to neighboring leaves and fruits.

It is proven and reliable to be powerful while ensuring plants’ safety.

This OMRI-listed product comes in a dry powder formula that is easy and convenient to apply.

Features excellent plant tenacity and delivers maximum bioavailability.

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