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Whether you are growing for personal consumption, on a balcony,

whether you have a small vegetable garden,

or even if you are a big farmer owning commercial high-tech greenhouses, you can find this website, helpful.

Growers all over the world, who want to know how to cope against pests efficiently, and understand the principles of spraying vegetable crops, should find here answers.

Many happy growers that start growing vegetables successfully sometimes stumble over an obstacle in the figure of pests.

When you are growing plants, there are three topics you need to pay attention to:

1. irrigation

2. Fertilization

3. Pest control.

There are many blogs and tutorials on how to grow vegetables, but they hardly ever refer to pest control.

If they do, they are focusing on the organic way, that unfortunately cannot compete against the chemical way.

The damage these pests are doing can be enormous, as of high yield lost, and months of work, that are going down the drain.

This is very frustrating, and can cause an abandonment of this hobby or occupation.

If you have ever tried to grow something, you probably know what I am talking about.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

By simply using chemicals and spraying them, we can eradicate pests and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Of course, one can claim that pesticides are not safe, and that they are not healthy, which is true, but if you use them correctly,

you can minimize the exposure to them and be safe.

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