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Pest insects

How to beat leaf miner

Leaf miners are 2 mm in length. The larva is eating the green tissue of the leaves, and making small tunnels in the leaves.          As a result, the photosynthesis of the plants is reduced. Without photosynthesis the plant’s growth stops, and the fruits stay small or are no any. Leaf miner treatment It is recommended …

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What are thrips?

They are around 1 mm in length. They are sucking the leaves fluids and scrubbing the leaves and fruits. They can cause deformed fruits, especially cucumber, as a result of eating the flower’s pollen. And can also transfer several viruses, especially in tomato and pepper. It is recommended to use at least 3 kinds of …

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What knocks aphids?

Let’s see first how they look and what they do. They are around 2 mm in length and are inhabiting plants in big colonies. They also suck the liquids out of the leaves and disturb the plant’s growth, with the viruses they transfer into them. They secrete sticky honeydew, which inhibits black sooty mold. These …

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White fly on plants

Although it doesn’t look like, the white fly is a very dangerous pest to your plants… It is very hard to eradicate.                           They are around 2 mm in length. They suck liquids out of the plant’s leaves and secrete sticky material called honeydew.       Black mold grows on the honeydew, which slows down the photosynthesis of …

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What knocks spider mites?

Well, a lot of things can be used against Spider mites, But first let’s understand why one needs so many things and means. Spider mites are very small spiders, around 1 millimeter length and reproduce very fast. Their color is red or yellow and the damage they make can be very big. They can reach …

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Pests’ tolerance to pesticides

During the growing season, at least 2 to 5 different insects and fungus, which I will specify later, will attack your plants, in different stages of the plant’s growth. Some attack in early stages when the plant has only flowers, and some attack when it’s already mature with fruits. In some cases, one spray cycle …

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