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What beats slugs

They devour plant leaves and leave behind a slimy residue.

The slug can follow any slime trail left from the night before.

The trails make a highway straight to the plants.

They feed on a wide range of host plants, but are especially partial to young, succulent plants.

They are most active at night and on overcast days.

They lay their eggs in the soil, and can remain there for years.



Sold as granules, it attracts slugs, and snails in moist soil, then paralyzes them, until they dehydrate in the sun.

Applied as needed, but will last 3 to 4 weeks, even after rain and sprinkling.

Iron phosphate –

Sold as granules also, is considered much less toxic to non-target organisms, than the leading competitor – metaldehyde.

It damages digestive tissue, and causes them to stop feeding right away, become less active, and die within 3-6 days of starvation.

It should be scattered on the soil and around plants that are to be protected.

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