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Growing vegetables in greenhouse for beginners

So why is it actually worth growing inside a greenhouse?

Growing in a greenhouse is a great solution to overcome the challenges of growing in the open air, such as crop loss, extreme weather and pests.

Growing in a greenhouse allows you to grow your favorite plants all year round and even grow plants that would not survive in your garden or home during the winter season.

Controlling the growth environment opens a window for learning.

Growing inside a greenhouse creates separation from the outside environment.

You become the masters of your climate system.

This control allows you to build an ideal ecosystem for any crop you choose by controlling factors such as temperature, sun, fertilization and irrigation.

This control also allows for learning and allows you to understand what is best for each plant you grow.

Through trial and error, you can get to know your plants better and thus maximize your product.

A greenhouse is the protector for your crops.

Greenhouses help protect crops from disease and pests by preventing them from entering. Also, a phenomenon of weather that can cause damage, like rain, drought, strong winds, cold temperatures and snow are blocked by the sides of the greenhouse.

Larger amounts of crops over a longer period of time.

Growing in a greenhouse allows you to grow crops around the clock and throughout the year under controlled conditions, and usually double your annual yield compared to field crops.

To grow all year round you will need to install additional lighting systems with led lights to maintain optimal light levels, or heating systems and fans.

But it is also possible to partially insulate the greenhouse or leave it open in order to reduce heating costs.

There are many ways to balance temperatures inside a greenhouse even without advanced equipment.

Greenhouses allow more easily organic growth.

Greenhouses give you the freedom to grow organic crops, above ground and without exposure to pests.

In this way, the greenhouse can significantly reduce the use of pesticides and even give up their use.

The limited space allows for biological control at the highest level and even saves time in dealing with pests.

Which leaves an individual attitude to each and every plant in order for it to grow to be the best.

Advanced systems that enable automation.

Greenhouses can be automated at various levels to increase productivity, improve crop quality and yield, reduce labor costs and maximize efficiency.

An automatic irrigation and fertilization system, for example, manages the supply of water and nutrients independently, accurately and consistently, depending on weather conditions.

The different types of available greenhouse roof coverings allow optimal light conditions and high levels of heat dissipation and reflection, as well as allow certain UV rays needed for plant growth.

Automatic heating and cooling systems by thermostat can certainly alleviate temperature discipline inside the greenhouse.

A greenhouse is a perfect environment for growing tropical plants.

There is a wide variety of tropical plants that are grown indoors and maintain an exact amount of humidity, temperature and light, but they can grow great even in a greenhouse that does not get full sun.

Growing orchids for example are ideal in a greenhouse.

Mist systems will be able to maintain perfect humidity without fear of strong winds that can create dryness and damage plants.

So, there are a lot of systems and a lot of ways, even more primitive ones, to gain control of the ecosystem we have created, but it is advisable to take it step by step.

Learn over time what works best for you, and what attitude speaks best to you. Greenhouses are a great and satisfying hobby.

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