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how can i start a new lawn?

The grass was first recognized as of aesthetic value about 2000 years ago in the Chinese empire gardens of the Han dynasty. It is soft and pleasant to touch, treading and sitting. For this reason, the grass was chosen to cover surfaces in large parks, playgrounds, stadiums, private gardens and more. Other benefits of grass …

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Vegetables’ physiological problems

Sunscald – Appears when the fruit is exposed to direct strong sunlight, after being in the shade for an extended period of time. Reduce the intensity of the sun, by net shading, when the fruits reach the right size, or encourage good leaf growth. Cracking and splitting – The main factor that causes fruit cracking …

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Adding nitrogen to soil

In order to grow properly and produce improved and quality fruits, our plants need nutrients in the right proportions and at the right time. During the life cycle of the plant – growth and flowering, it needs different nutrients. During the growth period the plant will need larger doses of nitrogen than in the flowering …

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Measuring ec

The EC meter measures the amount of water soluble (mainly fertilizers). The higher the concentration of fertilizers in the irrigation solution, the higher the EC value. An EC meter measures the potential for an electrical current to be transported through water. When we add nutrients (salts) to water, we increase the conductive potential for current …

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Safety in spraying

Whether it is you, who is spraying, or one of your employees, safety, is first. You need to cover all of your body parts with the proper protective equipment.     In this way, spray drift won’t be inhaled or be touched. Of course, wearing the protective clothing should start even before the spraying stage, in the …

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Vegetable garden sprayer

How does blower sprayer (fogger) increase lethality? The aim of the spray is to cover all parts of the plants from head to toe. This is done by misting, and not by showering, the plants. It is best done by creating a mist while using small nozzles that create tiny droplets. Spraying can be done …

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How to treat powdery mildew

What is that white powder on plants? It’s a white colored fungus.  Its name is powdery mildew.                               It attacks many crops’ leaves. It doesn’t need high humidity.                  The fungus can cover all of the plant’s leaves. When the leaves are infected, they turn brown and shrivel. It is recommended to use at least 3 kinds …

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How to terminate Late blight of tomato

Also called Phytophthora infestans, it is a dangerous fungus which attacks mainly tomato and potato. It spreads very fast. Attacking leaves, fruits and stems. It appears when humidity is high.                               The first symptoms are white powder and black veins on the lower side of the leaves. If you are using head irrigation with sprinklers, you …

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